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Practice for Short-Term Therapy and Coaching

Katrin Zweiniger Your Non-Medical Practitioner for Psychotherapy in Chemnitz

Are you plagued by stress, anxieties, burnout or psychosomatic symptoms?
I invite you to come to my practice on the Kaßberg in 09112 Chemnitz, Weststraße 61.
Therapy and Coaching in English and German.

To help you recover your health and performance levels I, a non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy, offer you supportive solution-oriented short-term therapy / psychotherapy according to (HeilprG) for such symptoms as:

  • Stress and its consequences, such as insomnia, loss of motivation or concentration, burnout 
  • Panic attacks
  • General anxiety of undetermined cause, hypochondria, afraid of the future
  • Phobias and fears (e.g. performance anxiety, test anxiety, fear of flying, fear of medical treatments, animal fear)
  • Personal, family and work conflicts, anxiety, trouble, offense, jealousy, fault, lovesickness, mobbing
  • Depression in response to trauma or event (sudden unemployment, loss of a loved one)
  • Traumaadjustment disorder
  • Mourning, loss of a loved person, life and mind crises
  • Psychosomatic illness, allergies
  • Eating disorders and weight problems

  • Addictions or addictive tendencies to food, alcohol, work, internet, gambling 

  • Behavioral problems of your children, unfulfilled desire for children

Please read more in the menu item Psychotherapy (according to HeilprG) for laws and regulations governing non-medical practitioners.

Costs: 70 euro per 1 hour and 100 euro per 1.5 hours

Please call for an appointment.

Practice for Short-Term-Therapy and Coaching
Katrin Zweiniger
Non-medical Practitioner for Psychotherapy, NLP-Coach
Solution-oriented Short-Term-Therapy
Emotional and Stress Coaching

Weststraße 61
D-09112 Chemnitz

M.:   +49 160 - 9966 5383
Tel.: +49 371 - 331 3862




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Emotional and Stress Coaching wingwave(R)-Coaching

Therapy and Coaching in English and German.

Gift idea: Coaching voucher for relatives and friends!

You want to be ... satisfied, successful, content ...
... with your partner, children, students, boss, customers, employees, colleagues.
You want to be in balance with events around you?
You want to be confident when faced with a new task?
You want to finally execute and complete your long-planned projects?

You can get immediate positive changes in your self-attitude and in your behavior through
Short-Term-Coaching using a combination of three proven psychological Coaching procedures:

  • Emotional Coaching e.g. with Brainspoting EMDR
  • NLP - Neurolinguistic Programming - Behavior Therapy
  • Kinesiology myostatic psychologically test

This program is proven to reduce stress in minutes, finding possible causes, adopting positiv thinking patterns, activating personal resources. You gain confidence to deal with your everyday issues and increase your ability to take steps that lead to contentment. You learn to use your potential and abilities effectively and to realize your dreams.

Decision about choosing a profession or study?

We also offer a self-assessment test to help you to choose the right career from among 1000 professions in Germany.

Flyer as PDF to download

Please call or write for an appointment.